about me

During my studies of Protestant Theology, Semitic Studies & German Literature and as an employee as well as carrying out project oriented work at the Free University in Berlin in the field of philologies and humanities, I have had the chance to acquire a deep knowledge about various languages and also gain invaluable experience in the standards and processes involved in writing and publishing scientific literature and qualification works.

Languages & Certificates

  • English: TOEFL
  • French: DELF/DALF Tout Public
  • Russian: TRKI-Certificate
  • Latin: Latinum
  • Greek: Graecum
  • Hebrew: Hebraicum (Ivrit & Bible Hebrew)
  • Syro-Aramaic: Syriacum (Aramaicum)        

Knowledgeable in

  • Gəʿəz, Amharic, Tigre, Tigrinya (Ethiopian)
  • Oromo (Cushitic)
  • Coptic
  • Modern Standard Arabic & Classical Arabic
  • Phoenician, (Neo)Punic, Ugaritic (Ancient Oriental languages)
  • Nabataean, Samaritan, East- & West Aramaic Dialects, Imperial Aramaic, Bible Aramaic (Aramaistics)
  • Mandaic